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Custom made plastic box protectors can be difficult to produce in Australia because of the specialised materials and equipment needed to create them. These products often require specific types of plastic and molds that may not be readily available or accessible in Australia.
Additionally, the production process for custom box protectors can be complex and time-consuming, requiring precision and attention to detail to ensure the final product meets the customer’s specifications.

However, despite these challenges, we have found ways to produce custom plastic box protectors in Australia. By investing in the necessary equipment and materials, and building partnerships with suppliers, we now have been able to offer high-quality custom products to our customers.

Colpro.Store (previously Collectors Protectors) utilises a flat-packed design for custom plastic box protectors to achieve cost-effectiveness in postage and reduce overall volume for easier and more efficient transportation. We are committed to providing high-quality, customised solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers while helping them achieve cost-efficiencies in their operations.

By producing custom plastic box protectors in Australia, we can respond to the unique needs of our customers and provide a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements. This allows us to provide a high level of service and satisfaction to our customers, and helps to build strong, long-lasting relationships. Whether it’s for product protection, storage, or shipping, custom made plastic box protectors can play an important role in helping businesses to save on postage costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.

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